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In the recent weeks school boards have reshaped what school looks like for students, staff and community during the pandemic. Enough time has passed that we are likely able to now spend some energy reflecting on all the change that has happened is such a short time. Sometimes when reflecting, we can be hard on ourselves. There can be risk of focusing only on what we might have missed or what we think did not go as planned. If we consider that the structures which we have come to define as modern, formalized education have taken 150 years to shape this should put the progress that has been made in just a few short months into perspective.

Educators and school board teams have accomplished SO much and created new roadmaps. We would not expect a family member who just received their beginner’s license to navigate a road trip across Canada in their first week behind the wheel, nor should we expect perfection in the structures and processes we have created with school start up. Although it is certainly true that our biggest growth often comes from our greatest challenges, we are challenged to also think about where we have already come in such a short time. Take some time to celebrate your progress.

I’m going to close this blog the same way I closed my last one, mainly because I feel the same way today. I will be sharing more about my learning journey in future posts and I invite you to have a conversation with me here on my blog or at my Twitter account – @LisaMunro11  If you have a personal blog or even a class blog please let me know. I would love to follow you and read about your ideas and adventures.  I want you to know that in-spite of our present situation with so many changes, re-organizing, in-class learning and at home learning, we are on this journey together. A child near my home said it best … to us you are a big deal.

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